Why SMK Sprayers?

If you are looking for a state-of-the-art sprayer that will save you time, money and hassle, consider the advantages of SMK Sprayers. Whether you are deliberating the purchase of a hand pump sprayer, an electric sprayer or even a different battery powered sprayer, this extraordinary line of sprayers includes a variety of benefits to you and depending upon your industry and application cuts your labor costs by 75-85%:

  1. Patented bucket locking technology that:
    1. Eliminates the need for you to pour product into a separate bucket since it locks directly onto the product bucket
    2. Eliminates any contamination from a different product inside the sprayer container since you are spraying directly from the manufacturers bucket
    3. Allows the bucket to be carried (If desired an optional bucket cart is available)
    4. Quick and easy cleaning time (just minutes), since you don’t have to clean the bucket, but only the spraying mechanism
  2. The ability to spray either solvent or water-based products (different model offerings)
  3. Eliminates hand pumping since it uses batteries
  4. Allows for use in remote areas which is limited by electric sprayers
  5. Consistent even flow of the spray on the coverage area reduces application time
  6. Runs on standard 18-volt DeWalt Batteries
  7. Durability and dependability since 2006 with a standard 60-Day Warranty