The Battery Powered Chemical Sprayer that Can Get the Job Done

Introducing the SMK family of industrial chemical sprayers that will meet all your indoor or outdoor needs. Whether you’re just cleaning a carpet or working a restoration job where conditions aren’t ideal, consider the SMK line of battery powered sprayers.

Increase Your Profits With Every Job

Pour & pump sprayers are cumbersome, time-consuming and eat into your profits for every job. And with other battery operated sprayers, you not only have to deal with the mess of pouring your product into a small container, but also risk contamination when you use a variety of products.

Now is the time to eliminate these problems!

SMK Sprayers deliver great improvement for you over the other traditional methods by providing patented bucket locking technology that allows you to directly and easily connect to a 3.5 or 5 gallon bucket.

Additionally, offering a variety of models, you can spray water-based, oil-based or other chemicals that give you the flexibility to take advantage of all the benefits of our sprayers, regardless of what products you are spraying.

This remarkable line of sprayers includes a variety of benefits to you including:

  • Allows for use in remote areas
  • Quick and easy cleaning time (minutes)
  • No contamination
  • Runs on popular tool Batteries
  • Durability and dependability

PUMP no more, POUR no more!

And start saving money today by calling us to find out which model best fits your needs!

We offer same day shipping.