Looking for a Battery Powered Garden Sprayer That Will Allow You To Reach Those Hard to Get Places Without All the Pouring and Pumping?

Whether you’re a lawn and garden contractor or a homeowner just trying to get the job done, the hot sun is beating down on you and you’re sweating with every pump as you use a traditional pump sprayer. Or maybe you are using another battery operated sprayer and you have to go back and pour your product into their container (for the second or third time!) and it spills all over the place. What a mess!

Eliminate the Hassles of Pump Sprayers

Convenience is what you are looking for, isn’t it? Why not eliminate the hassles of pump sprayers and other battery operated sprayers by simply connecting your sprayer directly to the bucket of the product you are spraying. You can do this with the SMK family of battery operated lawn sprayers.

These all-purpose, all around sprayer assemblies can be used for a variety of things like weed control, garden mist, farm & livestock, fertilizers and many more. And not only that, you don’t have to risk contamination since you are using the original product containers!

View our 1 minute video here to see how easy it is for you to get the job done!

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In addition, they are powered by a standard 18 volt DeWalt battery, which you many already have! With a variety of models, you can spray water-based, oil-based or other chemicals that give you the flexibility to take advantage of all the benefits of our sprayers, regardless of what products you are spraying.

This remarkable line of sprayers includes a variety of benefits to you including:

Recommended models for our Lawn and Garden Sprayer customers include:


Don’t forget to inquire about all the accessories including our sprayer cart, nozzle kits, spare batteries, extension wands and EDPM hoses.


And enjoy convenience by calling us to find out which Battery Powered Garden Sprayer model best fits your needs!

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“The SMK Sprayer we bought at the World of Concrete show has been both a time and money saver. My days of buying pump ups are over. Our production has tripled and the application quality has greatly improved. The guys love it and were already finding new and different applications for it. We will definitely be ordering more units in the near future.”

Rick WatsonSurmac Inc.

“I received the P100WO sprayer today.  I went to a hardware store and purchased a couple of PEX quick coupler and another piece of 3/8” Pex and made the pick up tube reach the bottom of a drum.  It worked like a champ.  My customer was able to spray three drums today.  I am taking him the H100AC on Monday to finishing spraying the other 7 drums of densifier. The P100WO is going to another customer to spray another 3 drums of densifier.

SMK Sprayers are great pumps and a great purchase for us.  We should be able to sell a bunch of them.  Thanks for all of your help.  I look forward to a long a profitable  relationship for both of us.”

Jeff BerkleyBerkley Specialties Inc.