Silica Dust Compliance Sprayer | Battery Powered 5 Gallon: Water and Oil Based | Bucket-Locking | Variable Flow Control | C100WOLXD


Specialty Model for Pumping
Water to Concrete Saws.

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The C100WOLXD “Dust X” is specifically for delivering water only to the concrete saws to eliminate concrete silica dust. Including ease of use with patented bucket-locking technology for transporting ease.

The OSHA Deadline for Concrete Saw Silica Dust Compliance in the Concrete Industry is Now in Effect! …Save Time and Money with the NEW SMK Sprayers’ “Silica Dust-X” Solution!

Silica Dust-X Sprayer by SMK SprayersConstruction employers are now REQUIRED to comply with the OSHA standards to regulate worker exposure not to exceed the new permissible exposure limits (PEL) to respirable crystalline silica found in concrete products. Employers must now tailor solutions to the specific conditions in their workplaces.

Without dust controls, using a power saw to cut concrete can expose workers to high levels of respirable crystalline silica and could result in fines being imposed from OSHA.

According to OSHA, engineering and work practice dust control measures like using a saw equipped with an integrated water delivery system that continuously feeds water to the blade is an acceptable practice to solve this problem, whether outdoors, indoors or in an enclosed area.

No Need To Worry, SMK Sprayers Provides the Solution for the Concrete Industry!

The latest addition to our line of sprayers is the “Silica Dust-X” which offers all the same advantages which you have come to rely on and expect.

  • Battery operated – no more pumping!
  • Consistent, even flow
  • Easy to operate
  • Patented bucket-locking technology
  • Durability and dependability since 2006

And the “Silica Dust-X” offers 2 More BIG Advantages:

  1. Of course, it will allow you to comply with the OSHA Guidelines.
  2. Labor Time Savings: With this latest product, you only need one operator, not two! With many of today’s competitive products, contractors must have 2 operators: one to run the saw and the other to manage and pump the water to the saw blade. In addition to that, the “Silica Dust-X” allows them to use a 5-gallon bucket (not a 3-gallon container), saving them even more time and money!

Pump No More! And start saving money today by calling us to find out more about the “Silica Dust-X” concrete say water delivery system!

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  • On-Off switch

  • Powder coated finish

  • Corrosion resistant hardware fittings

  • NEW Bucket-top Latching Mechanism

  • Dewalt® style tool battery receptacle

  • Easy clean up

  • 60-day standard warranty

  • Diaphragm pump with the ability to self-prime and run dry

  • 20 foot EPDM hose with brass fittings

Product Includes:

  • C100WOL sprayer assemble with Dewalt® style 12-18VDC receptacle

  • Inlet tube assembly for 5 gallon bucket

  • 5 gallon plastic bucket and lid
  • Operator’s manual

Available Options:

  • C100 Bucket Cart

  • Extended hose lengths

  • Spray tip and wand variations


  • 1 GPM (open flow) capacity

  • 12 or 18 Volt XRP Dewalt® battery (Batteries Not Included)

  • Automatic demand, 55 PSI on – 70 PSI off

  • Self-priming up to 2.5 vertical feet

  • Weight: 6.5 lbs

Recommended Industries:

construction worker spraying a new concrete surface
SMK Sprayers Are
The ONLY Way To Spray.

“I just finished a project sealing approximately 100,000 square feet of concrete using the sprayer. Not only did the sprayer perform way beyond expectations, but because we could feed directly from the drum instead of filling pump sprayers all the time, the drum sprayer helped cut our labor by over half. Over the course of the project, the sprayer paid for itself 10 times over. Also, the batteries lasted much longer than expected. One set of batteries lasted almost seven hours. This is one of the instances where the product actually exceeds how it is sold instead of being a disappointment. Thank you for a great product.”

Jim TurittoBulach Custom Rock

“About six years ago I purchased two SMK Sprayers for my precast operation. Since then I have had great success spraying form oil, concrete sealer and retardant on hundreds of projects. My crews love the sprayers, in which case I do. I have saved hundreds of dollars by using less product and by not buying numerous other pump up sprayers.”

Terry KirkStar Precast Concrete
Caution: If fluid is improperly matched to the pump’s elastomers, a leak or damage to the pump may occur.
Be certain that material being sprayed is compatible with Geolast valves, Buna-N diaphragms, and polypropylene pump body. The above list contains some of the more commonly use chemicals. For a comprehensive list of chemicals that are compatible with your sprayer pump see:
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Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 25 in
Locks To Bucket

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Variable Flow Control:

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Bucket Size

5 Gallon